The Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme was launched by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in September 2020 to provide meaningful work placements for 16-24-year-olds at risk of long-term unemployment. 

The government covered 25 hours a week at the relevant National Minimum Wage, as well as pension and National Insurance contributions, for each Kickstart job. Employers also received £1,500 per placement to cover wraparound support for the young person, which included personal development and employability skills. 

As a Kickstart Gateway, LSS Group helps employers within the leisure and hospitality sector by managing the application process and providing ongoing support, so they can focus on providing a high-quality placement experience. Our partnership with Promote Golf also enabled us to provide a broad range of online courses that supported successful candidates’ long-term employability and confidence, such as CV writing and interview skills. 

LSS Group successfully raised £2.8m in Salary Funding as part of the scheme and helped over 550 young people succeed in placements. We would like to thank the companies who have supported the Kickstart Program and created meaningful work opportunities for young people. 

As DWP has announced the end of the scheme, we are no longer accepting applications for our onboarding program. We are still offering support and advice to employers who are already using our Gateway services. 

Client Feedback:

“We have had great success with our Kickstarter and have offered them a permanent position.” 

“He was over the moon when I sat down with him to know that we were keeping him at the end of his Apprenticeship scheme on so I wanted to thank you for organising everything in the first place and sharing the success of the scheme with you.” 

“Since being part of the program we have enjoyed the development of the program and the candidates we have taken on board through our interview process. We have successfully also been able to now offer all of our Kickstart team full-time employment with us as we move into 2022 and what we hope will be a big year for the businesses” 

We have had 4 successful placements that started on the Kickstart scheme and are being kept on with the company in new roles. They have all integrated well and have found their feet in the business” 

I would firstly like to thank you and your entire team for the success we have had this summer with the Kickstart Program. Our Company is hugely grateful to be part of this success and we have benefited massively through it. Having been greatly affected through the past two years with Covid as a business, having this steppingstone was a huge welcome to us and at the same time has allowed us to re-evaluate our business and our position in the sector. We have been able to also expand our operation as well in a Pandemic, which has been a huge success for us so far”. 

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