A Premises Licence that allows the supply of alcohol, late-night entertainment and refreshment will lapse upon most forms of insolvency. As a consequence it is essential to either transfer the licence or submit an interim authority notice, LSS will take care of this for you, we can also transfer licenses to our Company and hold them to the order of the Administrators.

Should you decide not to trade the premises, if you fail to transfer a lapsed licence within twenty eight days of appointment it will fall away, and a new application would be required. This can be costly and the responsible authorities may seek to impose onerous conditions. We therefore recommend protecting the original licence, as it should be classed as an asset of the business.

When we hold a licence on the instruction of an IP, we carry out a full audit and ensure the premises are compliant with the conditions set out in the licence.

On-going licence management would be carried out by the LSS team whilst we are engaged on the project.

Note 1: CVA’s & IVA’s are forms of insolvency so a Premise’s Licence will still lapse upon entering these arrangements.

Note 2: There are fundamental differences between the Licensing Act 2003 England & Wales and the Licensing Act 2005 Scotland. Please contact a member of the LSS Team for professional advice.