The hospitality industry is highly regulated by various authorities often requiring complex and detailed licensing, businesses are subject to rigorous inspections and enforcement of the law due to public health and safety concerns.

From Restaurants to Hotels and Bars, each one needs to be properly licensed before it can start operating, we understand how challenging it can be to remain compliant.

The traditionally high staff churn within the industry adds to an already demanding to do list and increases the opportunity for inconsistent management and the very real risk of not being compliant.

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Licensing is complex and we are here to make it less so for you, LSS Group have a team of qualified licensing practitioners and business partners on hand to assist you with:

Personal License Training

Through one of our preferred partners we’re able to provide APLH and SCPLH courses and exams for those wishing to obtain a personal licence qualification.

We have negotiated discounted rates and courses are held right across England, Scotland and Wales.

Alcohol Licensing

Our licensing team operates across England, Wales and Scotland offering the very best possible advice to ensure you have the correct licence. We work with Hotels, Bars, Clubs, Supermarkets, Off Licences and Restaurants to music festivals and outdoor events, pub companies and sports clubs. Basically, if you have an alcohol license, we can help you!


When making new licence applications it is essential to ensure each licence fits your business operation and are not unnecessarily restrictive.

We work closely with the relevant authorities to get the best solution possible.

Premises Licence Management

We know this is an ongoing issue for many so why not let our dedicated team take on the worries of your licensing compliance?

We will ensure your licences are effectively managed, annual licensing fees are paid when due and an annual audit is completed to check you remain fully compliant.

Major & Minor Variations

As with new licence applications, major and minor variations of any licence should reflect your trading style, anything else is a compromise for you and the growth of your business.

Our licensing team will work with you to ensure you have licences that are truly fit for purpose.

Transfers & Holdings

Our dedicated licensing team are able to offer fast and efficient transfers of licences. Whether it’s a single or multiple transfers due to insolvency, business transfer or death of a licence holder, lets us take the strain.

DPS/DPM Variations

Hospitality is still an industry with a high turnover of staff, to ensure your business remains compliant it is sometimes necessary to vary the licence in order to specify a new DPS or DPM.

Day to day management of your business may mean this gets overlooked, so let our licensing team take care of all the requirements for this application.


It’s very common for an operator to have one view on licensing for their business while the relevant authority will see things differently.

Do not let this be a stumbling block for your business, our experienced licensing team, can be objective and see both points of view so, let us mediate to ensure you can avoid an expensive review process.

Reviews & Enforcement

We understand that sometimes things just go wrong in a business, and this can potentially lead to a review of your licence or even revocation.

Our experienced team can advise on the best course of action in order to minimise the effects of any such review.

Licence Holding

In the case of insolvency, CVA’s, defaulting tenants and empty properties, we are often asked to protect licences by transferring them to our Company.

If the premises continue to trade we also carry out due diligence visits to ensure compliance.

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