Insolvency Practitioners

Our team has worked closely with Insolvency Practitioners for many years. The experience we’ve gained has given us a comprehensive understanding of what IP’s expect and require, as well as some of the challenges faced when dealing with trading administrations.  

As a result of this knowledge, we have expanded our portfolio of services so that we can provide you, the IP, with some practical tools that can allow you to run trading administrations smoothly, and compliantly, while minimising any personal exposure. While hospitality and leisure are our areas of specialisation, many of our services are applicable in a variety of trading insolvency scenarios. 

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Pre Appointment Consultation

Creditors take comfort in having a carefully planned and credible trading and exit strategy. LSS Group specialises in formulating trading strategies. 

We have developed systems that help and support the overarching goal of the IP’s and can provide a comprehensive support plan to ensure maximum return. 

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