Why Employee Mental Health Should be Part of Your Benefits Strategy

Employee mental health is a pressing concern as the global workforce struggles with dynamic professional demands, poor work-life balance, and the continued stigma that prevents open conversations about mental health in the workplace. On World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10, 2019) we share an article which focuses on:

  • Trends and insights on employee mental health
  • Five employee benefits ideas that can help employees take charge of their mental health

In recent years, employee mental health has come under scrutiny as a critical issue affecting a large segment of the global workforce. One UK survey covering over 3,000 workers reported that over half of the respondents experienced poor mental health as a result of negative work scenarios. Additionally, several other causes leading to the poor mental health of employees can dent productivity, morale, and personal well-being.

Additionally, WHO’s mental health in the workplace report 2019 finds that mental health issues such as depression and anxiety lead to $1 trillion in lost productivity every year for the world economy. But there is hope. The report also finds that every $1 invested in employee mental health leads to a return of $4 in health and productivity.

This is why organisations in the UK and around the world are beginning to take proactive measures to improve mental health improvements.

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Source: HRTechnologist.com

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